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Zero waste is here! By choosing sustainable products, you reduce your environmental impact one choice at a time. Start small with just one product or one room in your house. We offer a variety of home goods and self-care products to enable your zero waste journey. Check out our zero waste starter kits!

We are planning to open a retail location soon. We can't wait to expand our product selection to include dry bulk foods and produce. Stay tuned!


We started this company because we have a plastic problem. Globally, we produce ~438 million tons of plastic per year. That's equivalent to the weight of ~6.4 billion people...Every. Single. Year. And that is likely to keep increasing. Just SO MUCH PLASTIC. We cannot recycle our way out of this.

We need to reduce plastic waste by preventing it in the first place. We offer products made and packaged without plastic and that are compostable, recyclable, or that easily biodegrade at the end of life. We strive to source goods from small, local, and women and minority owned businesses. Together we can make a difference!

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