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Zero Waste Tips: 2023 Resolutions

Updated: Mar 9

Have you been struggling with your zero waste new year resolutions? There is plenty of time left this year to start sustainable habits! Check out the quick tips below to help you reach your goals. Happy zero wasting!

#1 Choose just one room in your house like your kitchen or one activity like cleaning to focus on reducing waste. Check out our product categories for kitchen, bathroom, personal care, and cleaning!

#2 Look at ingredient lists before buying! Many soaps on the market for cleaning and bathing are made with toxic synthetic chemicals. Check out our toxic free products that are safe for you and the environment!

#3 Choose products without plastic packing. We know...that is easier said than done, we work towards that goal every day. We focus on products without plastic packaging or ingredients, so you can too! We choose suppliers that share our plastic free vision.

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