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Zero waste shampoo bars are taking over! Ditch your plastic container for this all natural bar made with organic ingredients that nurture your hair and scalp. Contains no harsh detergents that strip your hair of its natural protective oils. A natural alternative for psoriasis shampoo or dandruff shampoo. Sulfate free, silicone free, and paraben free!


Size - 1 bar/4.5 ounces


What we LOVE about this product:

  • Made in USA (North Carolina!)
  • All natural
  • Zero plastic
  • Packaged in recyclable and biodegradable materials
  • Family owned and operated

Grapefruit Rosemary & Lavendar Shampoo Bar

  • 1. Wet hair and then remove from running water

    2. Wet shampoo bar and glide across scalp and hair

    3. Massage hair and scalp with hands and fingertips

    4. Return hair to water and thoroughly rinse out lather

    5. Allow bar to dry between uses, this will prolong the life of the bar.

    Tip: For drying long hair, gently hand squeeze water out and then cover with a towel. Rubbing hair dry can cause tangles

    A transition period may occur when switching to a natural shampoo bar. Some users experience heavy, dull, or greasy hair during this interim. Why? Commercial shampoos contain detergents and silicones to make hair shiny. It takes time for your scalp to adjust to its natural oil production and to work built-up residue out of your hair. Transition Tip: use an Apple Cider Vinegar Rinse to help condition and reduce tangles in the transition period.

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