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These floss picks make flossing easy, you may actually want to floss every day! With a compostable handle, less waste than the average dental floss and a BPA-free nylon strand.


Size  - 1 box with 50 picks


What we LOVE about this product:

  • Minimized plastic: the handle is compostable, made from cornstarch (PLA - bioplastic). The floss pick string is made from nylon (synthetic material made from fossil fuels). Nylon is still industry standard, unfortunately. We look forward to when all natural options are developed, we'll be first in line!
  • Woman owned business, founded by female dental hygienist in Portland, OR
  • Packaging is plastic free and recyclable

Dental Floss Picks

  • The floss pick handle is made from cornstarch, PLA - bioplastic. The handle is eco-friendly and compostable. The BPA-free nylon strand is not. If you want to compost after use, you can cut the nylon strand off and compost the handle. There are not many non-nylon (i.e., synthetic and petroleum based), vegan options on the market for dental floss yet. Companies are out there working on it though! The alternative to this type of floss is made from silk worms making it all natural but not vegan friendly.