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We Want Options (non-plastic ones!)

Updated: Mar 9

Are you tired of buying everything wrapped in plastic or in plastic containers? Are you exhausted by all of the latest scientific research describing how bad plastics are to our health and the environment but when you go shopping all you see is PLASTIC?! Seriously, even sweet potatoes are wrapped in plastic! We wanted OPTIONS, so we've created a zero waste market focused on providing plastic free products! Refill Exchange is your alternative to big box stores that are just seas of plastic (literally, our seas are filling up with our plastic waste).

Single-use plastics have become one of the largest sources of pollution in the world. Our lands, beaches, and oceans are littered with plastic debris. Plastics do not biodegrade or decompose, they persist and continue to exist for decades, hundreds or even thousands of years, much longer than a human lifetime. Eventually, plastics break down into smaller and smaller pieces, becoming microplastics (i.e., less than 5 millimeters). Microplastics become so small, they are microscopic and cannot be seen by the human eye and can travel through air and water. Their small size allows them to be consumed by organisms as small as plankton in the ocean, and move up the food chain, eventually reaching humans.

Refill Exchange is a zero waste store with non-plastic and waste free options allowing customers to 1) REDUCE their single-use plastic waste and 2) REDUCE their food wastes by purchasing only the amount of food needed.

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